About the NIAC Action PAC


NIAC Action PAC is our non-partisan political action committee dedicated to electing Iranian Americans and allies who are committed to advancing peace and diplomacy, preventing war and inhumane sanctions, securing equitable immigration policies, and protecting civil and human rights.

NIAC Action PAC both contributes directly to candidates endorsed by NIAC Action and bundles the donations of our members to those candidates in order to increase the total impact of our contributions and link that support to the issues that matter most.

Through NIAC Action PAC, we are building political power for our community, electing champions who will fight alongside us, and building a powerful roster of the next generation of Iranian American leaders.

NIAC Action Endorsements

The NIAC Action Board of Directors and staff play a role in the endorsement process, beginning with NIAC Action staff evaluating which races and candidates merit consideration and providing recommended candidates who submit a questionnaire to the Board to vote on whether to endorse.