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NIAC Action PAC supports candidates who will champion our legislative priorities by preventing war with Iran and working to end Donald Trump’s ban on our families. The PAC will allow our organization to directly contribute to candidates and to bundle the donations of our members in order to increase the total impact of your contributions and link that support to the issues that matter most.  

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February 28, 2020

Meet Iyad Afalqa and Samila Amanyraoufpoor, the husband and wife team running to represent the people of California Assembly District 74 in the Democratic Party of Orange County Central Committee! Both Samila and Iyad are union professors whose immigrant experiences have shaped their views and involvement in politics. Samila Amanyraoufpor is an Iranian-American professor at […]

January 31, 2020

NIAC Action has urged all 2020 Presidential candidates to make two key commitments: to return the U.S. into compliance with the Iran nuclear agreement and to repeal the Muslim Ban.  President Trump’s withdrawal from the nuclear accord and inhumane sanctions have undermined U.S. credibility, made America and the world less safe, and brought us to […]

November 21, 2019

The 2020 Election may be the most critical vote in our lifetime. It is more important than ever that Iranian Americans and our allies have a powerful voice at the ballot box. That’s why we are excited to announce NIAC Action’s first 2020 endorsements – our largest ever single wave of endorsements! We have an […]

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