February 10, 2021

Congrats to NIAC Action endorsed CA Democratic Party ADEM Delegates

Four Iranian-American candidates endorsed by NIAC Action won their races to serve as delegates to the California Democratic Party. This means that our community has earned a seat at the leadership table of the largest state Democratic Party organization in the country! Congratulations to Mana Shooshtari (Assembly District 13), Iman Novin (Assembly District 16), Nima Rahimi (Assembly District 17), and Sepi Shyne (Assembly District 50) on their wins.

Mana Shooshtari was the youngest person on the ballot in Assembly District 13, representing Stockton, CA. She secured this victory on top of both working full-time and being a full-time student. 

Iman Novin handily won his race in Assembly District 16, representing Berkeley Hills and most of Walnut Creek, CA. Iman previously served as a delegate in this position, and the people of Assembly District 16 proudly re-elected him to serve in this role again – a true testament to his leadership.

Nima Rahimi not only won re-election for his seat in Assembly District 17, representing East San Francisco, but he also received the most votes of any candidate on the ballot in his district. This incredible feat has earned Nima a seat on the Executive Board. 

Sepi Shyne was elected in Assembly District 50, representing central Los Angeles, Malibu, and much of Hollywood. This win comes just a few months after Sepi made history in her election to West Hollywood City Council, making her the first out LGBTQ+ Iranian-American elected to public office in the country.