2021 Endorsed Candidates

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Yassamin Ansari ELECTED

Phoenix City Council, District 7 - AZ

Yassamin Ansari is a climate activist and rising political star in the Iranian-American community. She has worked at the United Nations, serving as the youngest advisor to UN General Secretary Ban Ki Moon, and with the office of California Governor Jerry Brown on climate initiatives.

Aida Ashouri ELECTED

Los Feliz Neighborhood Council, District C - CA

As a first-generation Iranian-American raised by a single-mother in working-class neighborhoods, Aida Ashouri was motivated at a young age to become a public servant. In spite of a dearth of resources, and prejudice she faced as an immigrant, she went on to acquire degrees from the University of California Berkeley, School of Law, George Washington University, Elliot School of International Affairs, and the University of California, Irvine where she graduated cum laude. Recently, she returned to public service to help small businesses reeling from the pandemic and disaster victims with the Small Business Administration.

Daniel Bral

Democratic Party Delegate, Assembly District 50 - CA

Daniel is a first-time candidate who decided to run after witnessing too many elected leaders show callous disregard for the needs and struggles of the people they claim to serve. In an effort to advance the movement for social change, he wants to be in a position where he can make a tangible difference in other peoples’ lives and ensure that underrepresented communities – be it communities of color, people experiencing homelessness, immigrants, members of the LGBTQ community – have a true champion in their corner. Daniel is running on The Grassroots Slate and plans to address homelessness, systemic racism and inequality, climate change, gun violence, all while promoting a foreign policy centered around diplomacy.

Iman Novin ELECTED

Democratic Party Delegate, Assembly District 16 - CA

Iman Novin is running to represent Assembly District 16 at the California Democratic Party for a second term. Since becoming a delegate in 2019, Iman has had the opportunity to vote on Party policy related to Iran and the Muslim Ban. He is also a member of a group of Iranian delegates trying to get more Iranian representation in the form of an ADEM Iranian Caucus. Currently running on Assemblywoman Bauer-Kahan’s Unity Values slate, he is running to unite a divided Democratic party and support legislation that helps increase affordable housing supply and protect the environment.

Mana Shooshtari ELECTED

Democratic Party Delegate, Assembly District 13 - CA

As a Muslim, Iranian-American college student and community organizer, Mana’s experience drives her to engage in the political process and organize her community to advocate for equitable policies at the local and national level. She was spurred to engage in political life after her family was directly impacted by the Muslim ban, realizing that the voices of those impacted by policy must be reflected on the political stage. She is running on the Frontline Solidarity slate, and hopes to uplift the voice of the Iranian community and inspire other young women to take ownership of their political power by running for office.

Neda Farid

Democratic Party Delegate, Assembly District 43 - CA

Neda has been actively involved in AD 43 for about 30 years and is passionate about public education, social justice, the arts, and equity issues. Neda is running on the Diverse Democrats for Change slate and plans to continue tackling the issues facing the diverse communities of AD 43, including issues surrounding social justice, mental health, and public education, especially among immigrant communities.

Nima Rahimi ELECTED

Democratic Party Delegate, Assembly District 17 - CA

Nima Rahimi is a two-term California Democratic Party incumbent. An active member of the Iranian-American community, Nima is an advisory board member of the Iranian American Bar Association and a board member of Pars Equality Center’s Generation Plus. He has also been a board member of the Bay Area Iranian American Democrats for over a decade. Nima is running for re-election as a CADEM Delegate to Assembly District 17 on the slate assembled by Assemblyman David Chiu, the Rise Together slate. Check out more about Nima by watching his short campaign video.

Parshan Khosravi

Democratic Party Delegate, Assembly District 73 - CA

Parshan is a Zoroastrian, Iranian American, and refugee to the United States, running on a mission to fight for the representation of vulnerable communities by pushing for policies and candidates who reflect our values and address the needs of those communities, whether it be cost-free higher education, single-payer healthcare, homelessness & renters relief, a clean DREAM Act, or the Iran Deal. From advocating for Iran Deal back in 2014-15 to fighting Trump’s xenophobic and racist Muslim Ban, he has fought for issues central to the livelihood of Iranian Americans for the better part of the past decade. Parshan is running on strong progressive values on the Party of the People slate.

Sepi Shyne ELECTED

West Hollywood City Council - CA

Shyne immigrated to the United States from Iran when she was 11 years old and has been a lifelong advocate for women’s rights. She is a business law attorney and a small business owner who has served as co-chair for Human Rights LA and co-president of the LGBT Bar Association of LA. If elected, Shyne will be the first LGBTQ+ Iranian elected to hold public office in the world.

Sheila Nezhad

Minneapolis Mayor - MN

This November, Minneapolis has the opportunity to make history by electing Iranian-American and first-time candidate Sheila Nezhad for Mayor. Sheila has worked for over a decade as a community organizer and policy advocate on a variety of social and racial justice issues, securing a number of major wins along the way. Not only does she have the education, experience, and track record the people of Minneapolis need, but she’s also the frontrunner in this race! Sheila earned 53% of the delegates at the Minnesota Democratic convention earlier this year, beating out the current incumbent who only secured 40%.

NIAC Action is proud to endorse Sheila Nezhad for Minneapolis Mayor, and we ask that you join us in supporting Sheila’s community-powered campaign.

Leila Amirhamzeh

Hackensack City Council - NJ

Leila Amirhamzeh, J.D., just finished an elected term on the Hackensack, NJ Board of Education and currently works at New Jersey Citizen Action, a statewide progressive grassroots organization that fights for social, racial, and economic justice for all. Leila is running on a slate of progressive candidates to increase access to affordable housing, ensure tax equity, provide much needed support to individuals and local businesses struggling to recover from COVID, and fight for the growing MENA population in the city who have never had adequate representation.

Jennifer Adeli

House of Delegates, HD34 - VA

Jennifer Adeli has a long history of working to make our government run more efficiently and effectively so that communities are better served. With decades of experience bringing innovative business solutions to tackle the greatest challenges of the times, Jennifer is hoping to take her leadership to the next level by bringing her business expertise to the legislative process. In her work, Jennifer always focuses on the needs of constituents and taxpayers in her community-centered approach to seeking solutions. She is the mother to two Iranian-American children and has been happily married to an Iranian immigrant for the past 18 years. We know her love of community, expertise in business, and passion to serve are exactly what the people of Virginia need most right now.

Ramin Fatehi ELECTED

Commonwealth Attorney - VA

Ramin Fatehi, a Hampton Roads native, has served as a Virginia Supreme Court law clerk, a public defender, and as a state and federal prosecutor. Ramin has led the charge in Norfolk to decriminalize and legalize marijuana possession, to abolish cash bail, to abolish the jury trial penalty, and to make the justice system honor the principle that Black Lives Matter. He has worked every day for a safer and more just Norfolk by treating defendants fairly, victims with compassion, and the community with the commitment to its values.