2020 Endorsed Candidates

The 2020 Election may be the most critical vote in our lifetime. It is more important than ever that Iranian Americans and our allies have a powerful voice at the ballot box.

That’s why we are excited to announce NIAC Action’s first 2020 endorsements – our largest ever single wave of endorsements!

We have an opportunity to elect more Iranian Americans into office than ever before. And we have our best chance ever to send the first Iranian American to the U.S. Congress!

We have identified twelve champions of our community – incumbent members of Congress who have worked to prevent war and end Trump’s ban on our families, and Iranian Americans who are ready to make an impact in all levels of government. With your help, we can elect them to office and bring real change in 2020.

By making a donation to NIAC Action PAC, you can help elect these champions of our community and send a powerful, united message that Iranian Americans will not be ignored on the political stage.

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Dary Rezvani

State Center Community College District Trustee Area 3 - CA

Dary is running for State Center Community College District Trustee Area 3 because he wants to ensure budget cuts don’t negatively impact students, compensation for educators, and tuition. He is also dedicated to protecting the union workers that were displaced by the privatization of the community college bookstore and keeping the cost of books affordable for students.

Katie Porter ELECTED

U.S. Congress - CA

Congresswoman Porter represents the second largest population of Iranian Americans in any Congressional district in the country. Katie defeated an anti-diplomacy, pro-Muslim Ban incumbent who held this seat in 2018 and strongly supports our legislative priorities. NIAC Action was proud to endorse Katie in 2018 and we must protect this swing seat in 2020!

Marjan Philhour

San Francisco Board of Supervisors, District 1 - CA

Marjan is an Iranian-American woman entrepreneur, small business owner, community organizer, Senior Advisor to the Chief of Staff in the California Governor’s Office, Legislative Aide in the US Capitol, City Commissioner for the Status of Women, and Senior Advisor to the Mayor. She is a proven leader who has the skills and experience to cut through the bureaucracy at City Hall to make things happen.

Renee Kazemipour-Paquier

Saratoga City Council - CA

Renee Kazemipour-Paquier is running for Saratoga City Council. She has been serving the City of Saratoga for the past seven and a half years as a Parks and Recreation Commissioner as she has a deep passion for open space preservation. Renee is also an educator, currently serving as the Dean of the Che School of Professional Studies at West Valley College. If elected, she would be the first Iranian American elected to the Saratoga City Council.



U.S. Congress - CA

Congressman Khanna is a leading advocate for an anti-war U.S. foreign policy in line with NIAC Action’s priorities. He is the champion of efforts to end wars in the Middle East and end unconditional U.S. support for inhumane policies and actors in the region. He is the leader of legislative efforts to prevent war with Iran.

Shebreh Kalantari-Johnson ELECTED

Santa Cruz City Council - CA

Shebreh is an Iranian-American first-time candidate running for the City of Santa Cruz. She carries over two decades of experience in public health and social services. She also regularly works directly with the County Board of Supervisors and each of the four city jurisdictions in the county in helping develop local policies, as well as serves on multiple boards, Commissions, and County Committees.

Yara Zokaie

Colorado House District 49 - CO

Yara Zokaie for Colorado State Representative, District 49. If elected, Yara will be the first Iranian-American woman to hold public office in Colorado. Yara is running to be an advocate for those that are missing a voice in the Colorado legislature. These vulnerable groups include minorities, working class, small businesses, and older adults. She finds that so often the legislature has negotiated in favor of giant corporations and ordinary people get left behind.

Alan Khazei

U.S. Congress - MA

Alan Khazei is a successful social entrepreneur who co-founded City Year as a student at Harvard three decades ago. As the son of an Iranian immigrant, he is passionate about eliminating the Muslim Ban and pursuing a diplomatic solution to the challenges between the U.S. and Iran. He has been endorsed by the likes of NY Mayor Mike Bloomberg, General Stanley McChrystal, and director JJ Abrams.

Seth Moulton ELECTED

U.S. Congress - MA

Congressman Moulton is a Marine veteran and a respected voice in Congress on national security issues. He has called for the U.S. to return to its commitments under the Iran nuclear deal and supports diplomatic rather than military efforts with Iran.

Rashida Tlaib ELECTED

U.S. Congress - MI

Congresswoman Tlaib is a leading advocate of efforts to end the Muslim Ban and has committed to blocking Trump from going to war with Iran. She has used her national platform to promote issues and values in line with NIAC Action’s mission.

Ilhan Omar ELECTED

U.S. Congress - MN

Congresswoman Omar has championed many of NIAC Action’s priorities, including working to end inhumane sanctions and leading efforts to end the Muslim Ban. She is a member of the No War with Iran Caucus and a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Tom Malinowski ELECTED

U.S. Congress - NJ

Congressman Malinowski was elected to this swing seat in 2018 a highly competitive race and is being targeted by pro-Trump groups in 2020. He is a former State Department official who now sits on the House Foreign Affairs Committee where he has advocated against the Muslim Ban and in favor of diplomatic efforts to resolve challenges with Iran.

Nancy Goroff


Nancy strongly supports returning to the Iran deal and has been a leading voice opposing war. She has a chance to defeat Lee Zeldin, one of the most hawkish Republicans in the House who the Republican party has used as a key messenger for disastrous Iran policies and anti-Iranian American discrimination. This is a Lean Republican race and Nancy is just 1 point behind in the polls.

David Emami ELECTED

Happy Valley City Council - OR

David is Oregon’s first-ever Iranian-American City Councilor. As City Councilor, he has had a number of accomplishments such as passing a diversity and inclusion proclamation and worked in conjunction with the United Community Alliance of Happy Valley to build a more safe and inclusive community.

Mike Siegel


Mike is City Attorney for Austin, Texas and earlier this year led demonstrations against war with Iran. Now, this foreign policy progressive has a chance to defeat the ranking Republican hawk on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Michael McCaul, and recast the national political narrative on foreign policy. This is a Lean Republican race and a rematch from 2018 when Mike lost by 4 points. A Texas blue wave this time can carry Mike over the finish line. 100% of your contribution will go to Mike’s campaign!

Shireen Ghorbani

Salt Lake County Council - UT

Shireen Ghorbani is the first Iranian American woman to serve on the Salt Lake County Council, representing 1.1 million residents. As a County Council member, one of Ghorbani’s most prominent achievements has been introducing and passing a successful measure to transition Salt Lake County to 100% renewable energy.

Siamak Khadjenoury

Utah House of Representatives, District 49 - UT

Siamak is an Iranian-American father, community activist, and life-long Democrat. He’s been involved in local and international politics since regularly working with state capitol members on health care policy and services on several boards. His decision to run was mainly influenced by party leaders and party chairs, who encouraged and supported his candidacy.